Upper Clutha River Track – Mud & Maintenance

The Trust is aware that parts of the new Upper Clutha River Track are currently very muddy and slippery. The track is still in its settling in period and will be reviewed after the winter.

The track has been constructed to a similar standard to the Outlet track between Wanaka and Albert Town. The Trust has taken the decision that it is better to initially build 10km of track that can be used 90% of the time than to build 2km that can be used 100% of the time. The track will t be allowed to settle in and then be reviewed to see what sections may require additional work such as gravelling.

The track is now being managed by the Department of Conservation in Wanaka who are monitoring its condition and will liaise with the Trust in the spring regarding any improvements that are required.

In the meantime – please continue to use the track but be aware that there will be some muddy parts and you may need to walk your bike in those sections.