Future projects

We are creating and evolving a 10 year Track Network Development Plan as the priority project that will deliver significant benefits for our community.

Looking ahead: We should never be in the situation where we say “ Oh… remember how good it was…” Instead, let’s say – “look what we have achieved!”

The philosophy of tracks – What is a track?

A track is the physical representation of the experiences people have with it (the track) and the surroundings.

Tracks can be created organically by people as they seek experiences(discovering new places, stalking fish, finding a swimming spot, seeking freedom and adventure …)

Tracks can be purpose-built, based on anticipated desired experiences; once built, tracks will evolve and becomes what users want them to be.


Tracks have significant benefits to individuals, communities, the local economy, environment, and sustainability. Individuals experience health and wellbeing benefits through using tracks.

Tracks provide a place for community groups to come together, from walking and cycling groups, school activities, environmental and pest control etc. Tracks create alternative transport options and link communities.

The local economy benefits from increased resident’s and tourist’s activity, from bike rental and shuttle services, retail, food and accommodation, and even the occasional medical centre and physiotherapist visits.

Tracks provide access for environmental restoration projects as evidenced by the thousands of plantings on the Glendhu Bay Track and the associated noxious pest and predator control activities.

Tracks attract a different type of visitor. They stay longer, are dispersed along the tracks, have distributed spending, create multiple opportunities for small boutique businesses, have a lower carbon footprint, more likely to give back as they have a deeper engagement with the location and the experience.

Towns with (great) bike trails have fared well during the COVID recovery and our Regenerative Tourism Plan is heavily aligned with the benefits of tracks.

Principles and values

When developing tracks we reflect on the following principles and values

  • Practicality – Keep it real, fast trumps best
  • Efficacy – Make best use of the limited available space we have for tracks
  • Inclusivity – Cater for all users within the whole of the network, avoid user conflict
  • Community – Locals serving locals, happy to share with visitors
  • Partnership – Work collaboratively with landowners, funders, community, & enabling organisations to create better solutions together.

There is strong alignment to the Kai Tahu values framework and regenerative tourism plan

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