Outside Sports partner with the Trust.

A massive thank you and shout out to Outside Sports who have partnered with the Trust.

This commitment of giving back to the community ensures that we create a vibrant track network where everyone has easy access to the outdoors and engaging with nature as part of everyday life. This network will serve the needs of our residents, visitors, businesses and natural environment. With growing community support we will be able to maintain and build a world class track network in the Upper Clutha area.

At Outside Sports, our vision is centered on the belief in giving back to the communities and environments we operate in. By supporting the Upper Clutha Tracks Trust, we aim to uphold this commitment.

Our focus is on sustaining the bike trail network, recognizing its significance to a wide range of outdoor enthusiasts beyond just bikers. From hikers to horse riders, these trails serve as vital connectors, enriching our community.

We aspire to make a tangible difference, inspiring other businesses to join us in this journey of giving back to our local communities.

This partnership with Outside Sports will hopefully encourage other local businesses to follow their lead.