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The Upper Clutha Tracks Trust is a non profit organisation dedicated to developing a high quality network of public trails around Wanaka and the Upper Clutha Basin.

The Trust is made up of eleven passionate members of the Wanaka community, plus representatives from the Council, Department of Conservation.

The Trust is registered with the Charities Commission – Reg No. CC38956

The Trust is an Incorporated Charitable Trust – Reg No. 1898188

The Trustees are:

Upper Clutha Walking and Cycling Strategy 2006

In 2006, The Upper Clutha Tracks Trust prepared the Upper Clutha Walking and Cycling Strategy – a far sighted document that will drive the Trust’s activities for the coming years.

The strategy has been split into sections to make it easier for you to download.  If you would like a full copy of the strategy, please contact the Council, email services@qldc.govt.nz

>> Section 1 – The strategy (pdf 112kb)

>> Section 2 – Background information (pdf 345kb)

>> Section 3 – Implementation plan (pdf 29.7kb)

>> Section 4 – Network plan maps – Key (pdf 340kb)

>> Section 5 – Overall plan map (pdf 1.21mb)

>> Section 6 – Wanaka network plan map (pdf 532kb)

>> Section 7 – Cardrona network plan map (pdf 562kb)

>> Section 8 – Luggate network plan map (pdf 562kb)

>> Section 9 – Albert Town network plan map (pdf 518kb)

>> Section 10 – Makarora network plan map (pdf 558kb)

Queenstown Lakes District Council has also prepared a draft walking and cycling strategy for the whole district which can be downloaded below.

Queenstown Lakes Draft “On Foot, by Cycle Strategy”

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